Besides fences, stairways, frames and eaves, banisters and gates, “Aksid 88” also produces different objects based on special needs and demands.

The interior is enriched by different details we can produce, such as: glass walls and floors, fire places and fire places covers, tables and kitchen tables and chairs, shelves, etc.

We like challenges; tell us your idea, and we will make sure to implement it, with our proposals and suggestions if necessary.

A happy client is our greatest satisfaction.


Welding stainless steel and steel using TIG, REL, MIG-MAG procedures, polishing semi-products and stainless steel products in the following levels: mat, grinded, high glow, cutting sheet metal of up to 100mm, using the “autogen” procedure and more...


Beogradska Arena - Novi Beograd, tržni centar Oralsk - Kazahstan, Carinarnica Šabac, poslovni centar Adoc - Beograd, ALPHA BANK - Beograd, stambeni objekat Carlton Plaza - Beograd, PHARMA SWISS i mnogi drugi...


A successful year at Aksid88 - 9.11.12

We are particularly proud that we have a significant investment in expanding production facilities.

Production and installation of stainless steel stairways and fences - 23.11.10

“AKSID 88” is currently performing works on the Sports-Recreational Center “Milan Gale Muškatirović“ in Dorćol-Belgrade.